[Standards-JIG] Reason for subscription/unsubscription

Matthew A. Miller linuxwolf at outer-planes.net
Thu Jun 24 16:10:35 UTC 2004

Stephen Pendleton wrote:
> To state the obvious: you would need to add another stanza to the
> subscription request in order to do this.
> <presence to='juliet at example.com' type='subscribe'><message>Hi, its Romeo -
> I'm dying to talk to you</message></presence>
> Of course I believe that would require a change to the draft IETF XMPP spec
> and I am assuming this would need to be voted on by the council.

The above would require changes to the XMPP-IM draft, which goes throug 
the IESG, not the JSF Council.  However, if you proposed the somewhat 
like the following instead:

<presence to='juliet at example.com' type='subscribe'><message 
xmlns='some:message-in-presence:namespace'>Hi, its Romeo - I'm dying to 
talk to you</message></presence>

This would then need a JEP[1] (to document the 
"some:message-in-presence:namespace" extension protocol), which would go 
through the council.  This is how one would propose additions to the 
Jabber/XMPP protocol suite via the JSF.


I am neither condoning nor condenming this course of action.  I am 
simply noting procedures.

-  LW

[1] More information on JEPs is available at http://www.jabber.org/jeps/.

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