[Standards-JIG] media conferencing, flow segmenting

Ulrich Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Mon Mar 15 10:54:53 UTC 2004

Hi David,

first of all, thank you for commenting. I appreciate communication on 
this topic.

>I think you can use the existing MUC ban and kick features (actually the
>whole MUC protocol can be used as is IMHO if you just embed your call
>signalling in message sanzas like in TINS).
>Could you explain a bit further the quota-exceeded feature ?

The quota-exceeded feature is based on a quota tracker on the server. An 
example clarifies this. if a server administrator gives away, let's say, 
1meg of free traffic for media exchange a day, the server can send out 
transfer-quota-exceeded messages to users once they cross the 1meg/day 

That feature is simply used to give admins a possibility to keep track 
and control of traffic (and costs).

A server may, upon quota exceeded, act with simple communication 
disruption or just notifying users or or or, i think that's up to the 
server implementation. However, a reason must be transmitted upon ending 
a session/call through the server.


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