[Standards-JIG] Roster Subscription Synchronisation

Stephen Pendleton spendleton at movsoftware.com
Mon Sep 13 17:20:50 UTC 2004

Wouldn't you need to subscribe/authorize to the service before it could add
contacts to your roster? I don't see this as a practical problem.

Initial import of the third party rosters is important but the second most
important feature of synchronized rosters is keeping them synched. As people
add and remove new MSN/Yahoo/etc contacts they want to have then
added/removed from their Jabber client roster as well.

Almost all the problems I hear from customers who utilize the transports are
due to the fact that their MSN/Yahoo/etc contacts do not appear when they
login to the Jabber server with a newly created account. If this problem was
solved it would certainly increase adoption of Jabber by those people who
are interested in maintaining third party IM accounts.

OK, I think here in lies the rub. If we have a protocol for allowing
services to start mucking around with my roster, what prevents a SPAM
company from creating a service, and start adding people to my roster and
sending SPIM from them?? I am VERY opposed to anything that can change my

Is this a problem of synchronizing rosters something that the community (not
just the authors of this JEP) is interested in solving?? I think that the
current state of affairs with transports is not optimal, but from what users
tell me, the use case they are interested in solving is just import my
contacts the first time. They typically don't change clients that much. IMO,
that use case is not something we should be optimizing for.

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