[Standards-JIG] XHTML framework

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Sep 15 20:00:22 UTC 2004

As discussed in this morning's Jabber Council meeting [1], the Council 
would prefer to keep JEP-0071 as it is and to not split the document 
into two JEPs, one for an XHTML-IM "framework" and another for the 
current XHTML-IM integration set. However, if other proposals are 
submitted to define more advanced XHTML integration sets (e.g., 
including the Tables Module), then it may be appropriate to perform this 
separation before JEP-0071 is advanced to a status of Final (which 
realistically will probably be sometime in 2005).

Therefore, since all other feedback received during the Last Call period 
has been incorporated, it seems that JEP-0071 (version 0.18) is ready to 
be voted upon by the Jabber Council for advancement to a status of Draft.


[1] http://tinyurl.com/5fbsp

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