[Standards-JIG] discoing a bare JID

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Thu Jan 20 09:31:16 UTC 2005

On Thursday 20 January 2005 04:40, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> What happens when I disco a bare JID (e.g., juliet at example.com)?
> We know that the server should reply on behalf of a bare JID. JEP-0030
> says that every disco#info response must contain at least one identity.
> But we don't have an identity for a bare JID, only the client category,
> so it's currently unclear how a server should respond on behalf of a
> bare JID. Also, the question arises: how should a server respond to
> disco#items queries? Should it return one <item/> for each resource that
> has made itself available with a non-negative presence priority (of
> course subject to privacy checks)?

I had exactly the same thoughts less than a week ago.  I was browsing around 
in Psi, wondering why my command bot wasn't responding to my disco requests.  
The reason?  I was trying to disco its bare JID, instead of the full JID.  
Then I wondered why Jabberd 1.4 didn't show me the resources under that JID, 
even though I'm the admin on the server so it should be able to tell me.  
(But that's probably just a Jabberd 1.4 peculiarity.)

   * "account" is definitely a better word than "user".  After all, it may
     not be in use by a real user (bots.)

   * The node should contain all resources regardless of priority, to avoid
     confusion.  And again, for bots, if I want to find the commands via the
     bare JID, I need to be able to get to the resource which is set to
     negative priority for various reasons.

   * These nodes should ideally be what a server shows you when you perform
     disco on its "active user list" (e.g. example.com/admin under Jabberd

   * One of the features you might see on such nodes is vcard-temp, or
     whatever replaces it in the future.


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