[Standards-JIG] jep-0142 and a city council workgroup

Chris Fanning christopher.fanning at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 11:27:54 UTC 2005


> Are you looking to create an Open Source project or to just use the functionality inside your own organization?

I live in Europe, Spain. The government (councils are run by
governments here) has pledged to promote free software within the
public administration and the public at large. My local council is
looking for ways to begin to use free software to form part of their
Historically, they have taken their websites seriously but are hooked
up on propriety solutions. After talking to some people in the
council, we thought that a way to begin working on the requirement
would be something along the lines of using free software on the
websites to ease the citizen - administration interface.
Sure, that leaves a pretty wide scope of options open but the people
that look after the switchboard and public attention services like the
idea of IM (JEP 142). So that's a starting point.

> Going with a commercial product is definitely cheaper than building something yourself, IMHO. :)

Yes, I agree. There are also some factors that hinder good software
development in the public administration. I don't think leading an
open source project from within the council is a good idea.
A commercial relationship is also easier considering the internal
organizational aspects of the council. Put simply, they are quite used
to paying companies for software. But, for the reasons above, this
project must belong to the GNU community.

I am trying to help define some form of collaboration between council
and developers. If anyone knows of similar experiences please, let me

Basic components here are:
1. A council with the wish to promote free software, a software
requirement, and a budget.
2. Free software programmers, each with their own specific interests.

If the requirements of the council coincide with the personal
interests of the programmers, everyone can benefit.

One way of looking at this is as a normal commercial relationship
between a company (or organization) and the council. The difference
here would be the license of the product. Development could take place
through the normal free software chanals (sourceforge or something).
Council technicians can learn howto install and maintain from
participating in the development process.

Once finished, the council has a solution to its requirement and the
Community has a documented project.
I think that something along these lines is possible.
Any thoughts?

> We use Asterisk in our office (open source PBX) and have been considering doing an integration with Live Assistant so that agents could have a single client to deal with phone calls and chats (unified presence, screen pops, CRM data, etc).
This sounds like the way to go. The council here has a closed Philips
solution. :(


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