[Standards-JIG] Directed presence -> subscribed -> unsubscribed -> ???

Gaston Dombiak gaston at jivesoftware.com
Sat Nov 26 01:42:15 UTC 2005

Hey all,

In the rfc3921 section 5.1.4 Directed Presence bullet 2 it clearly states 
that if a user sends a directed presence to a user that is not in his roster 
(or sub=NONE or sub=TO) then the server should take not of the directed 
presence. So if the user never sends a directed unavailable presence then 
the server should do it on behalf of the user.

I was thinking about the following scenario and couldn't find an answer in 
the spec. What if user_1 sent a directed presence to user_2 that was not 
present in his roster, then both users subscribe to each other's presence 
and then both of them cancel the subscription? According to the spec after a 
subscription is cancelled an unavailable presence will be sent to the 
contact. Therefore, user_1 will get an unavailable presence from user_2 and 
user_2 will get one from user_1. But is this the result we wanted to 
achieve? Since user_1 previously sent a directed presence to user_2, I think 
that user_2 should not receive an unavailable presence from user_1 after his 
presence subscription was cancelled.

The answer should cover this other scenario that is somehow similar. User_1 
and user_2 have a presence subscription of type BOTH. User_1 sends a 
directed presence to user_2, then both users cancel the presence 
subscriptions. Should user_2 get an unavailable presence when the presence 
subscription was cancelled?

In my opinion, the server should not be sending unavailable presences if 
directed presences were previously sent. Otherwise, user_1 should be aware 
of how servers work and should send another directed presence to user_2. 
What do you think? :)


  -- Gato 

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