[Standards-JIG] anonymous login

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Tue Jan 24 10:02:53 UTC 2006


i implemented SASL anonymous which i tested only with wildfire yet. I 
found no other public server with anonymous login enabled. Perhaps 
somebody could point me to one.

During the resource binding Jive assigns a JID in the format 
server/resource. Where the resource is some unique id. The node part is 
missing. This JID makes problems with some components and transports. I 
assume they expect for a user jid always a JID which contains a 
node/username part.

What are other servers doing here? I think we should specify a format 
for the assigned JID which anonymous login and write a small JEP about 
anonymous login because its very intersting for some use cases.


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