[Standards-JIG] Re: message types

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Wed Jun 28 08:07:58 UTC 2006

Hal Rottenberg schrieb:
> Sorry, have to totally disagree with you here.  I enjoy the
> distinction and in fact use all 3 every day.
> Chat = human to human
> Headlines = news or any sort of automated receipt.  Machine -> Human.
> My RSS bots use headline.
> Messages are, well, messages.  They are more "stateful" than IM,
> slightly less so than email.
> I use message a lot.  If I want to paste anything over say, 10 lines
> of text I'll pop that into a message window.  I've taken a large piece
> of data out-of-band and I'm delivering it in a way that is easier to
> read, at least how I use my jabber client.  My chat window tabset
> stays the same (small) size at all times.  My message window I might
> make 800x600 to hold some code.  In addition, all offline messages
> that I send are messages.

i totally agree here with Hal, and i also use message very often. If i 
expect a quick response or want ot chat then i use chat. If i don't need 
  a quick response or don't expect a response at all, or the other user 
is offline i use message. For me its like an email, and my vision is to 
replace email with XMPP-mail in the next month/years. Many clients make 
no difference between chat and message, but this is another problem.


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