[Standards-JIG] JEP-0045 config field names

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Tue May 2 10:39:55 UTC 2006


in JEP-0045 I read in the configuration form example:
      label='Make Room Moderated?'

The var used to be var='muc#owner_moderatedroom'.
ejabberd's MUC sends and expects var='moderated'.

I understand that the var name is the service's choice. Is this correct?

This is ok as long as a natural or artificial intelligence looks at the label text and clicks the thing in a form. But if a client wants to set the value without presenting a form, then it must know the name. My client tries to set the 'Make Room Moderated' state programmatically. I don't know which var name to use. Depends on the MUC. I have to find out the MUC version and guess from that the variable name, which could change with any version. This is not good. 

Would it be possible to standardize in JEP-0045 a set of frequently used vars for MUC?

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