[Standards-JIG] Phone service discovery

Jean-Louis Seguineau jean-louis.seguineau at laposte.net
Sat May 6 22:14:36 UTC 2006

I hear you Nolan. My mistake, I should have made the scope clearer. The
discovery process concerns both public and private exchanges phone systems,
as well as VOIP services. It could even be applied to a native Jingle PBX.
But in all respect, I was taking a stepped approach by addressing categories
first. Do we need a differentiator at the category/type level for POTS, or
VOIP services? Isn't it more appropriate to have the differentiation at the
disco features level? At the category/type which is provided in the disco
identity level we should limit ourselves to voice/video, don't you think?

For XMPP such service will expose some Jingle flavor anyway. And if one
discovers a voice service, the service proxy/gateway/... will disclose its
supported capabilities through disco features. At this point, the client
will be able to obtain more specific information. But this information will
be expressed as a set of supported Jingle features, isn't it?

>From a Jingle perspective, I don't think it really matters what is
implemented behind the voice service proxy/gateway/... It will be the
service's task to translate between Jingle and the POTS/SIP/Skipe/etc...
Sounds very similar to an IM transport.


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Trejkaz wrote:
> On Saturday 06 May 2006 02:53, Jean-Louis Seguineau wrote:
>> What do we want the phone service type to be? 'phone' or 'voice'? I'd be
>> tempted to use voice to keep in synch with the conference category.
> Definitely 'voice'.  Given enough time, nobody will actually be calling 
> 'phones'.

I'd go with "POTS". "voice" is to vague in that it could be a SIP, POTS,
or Skype gateway.

- - Nolan

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