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Mon May 8 20:29:43 UTC 2006

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Ralph Meijer wrote:

> - Section 5.6. I'm wondering if the 'jid' field in the result of
>   <affiliations/> is needed here. We settled on having the bare JID to
>   have affiliations, so all 'jid' fields would be the bare JID of the
>   requestor.

Good point. Fixed.

> - I'm wondering about notification of subscription change. Currently the
>   message format is defined in section 8.7. Not sure if the extra
>   container is needed, but I assume it was done with batch processing in
>   mind.

I don't think the extra container is needed and in fact it violates the
schema for the pubsub namespace. Fixed in examples 167 and 198.

>   In the current wording notification only applies to changes via
>   (pubsub#owner) <subscriptions/>, but it might also be useful for
>   authorized suscriptions that were pending. 

Agreed, we don't need that for immediate acceptance (since we have the
IQ result related to the subscription request) but we probably need it
for approval of pending subscriptions. I'll some text about that to
Sections 6.1, 8.6, and 12.11.

>   And even as a result of
>   subscription/unsubscription by a non-owner (having the result of
>   <subscribe/> to be empty). 

That is not mentioned in Section 12.11 but I'll add text about it.

>   It would work mostly like
>   the roster. For that to work, it needs its own disco feature. 

I've added a disco feature for "subscription-notifications".

>   Also,
>   users should somehow be able to ask for the to be enabled. 

Is that necessary? It seems to me that a service would either support
that or not. Does it really need to be enabled/disabled on a per-node
basis (by the owner) or a per-subscription basis (by the subscriber)?


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