[Standards-JIG] Distribution of stanza types

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Wed May 17 21:58:31 UTC 2006

Carlo v. Loesch wrote:
> There once was a statistics page of one popular server, which showed
> the popularity of stanza types in comparison. Presence stanzas ranged
> at a 3x rate above message stanzas and the rest followed.

I guess it was at my server, where you got this messages. I just checked 
the log of the three biggest domains (amessage.be, amessage.de, and 
amessage.info) where for the last 9,211,845 stanzas that have been 
delivered to these three domains (either from remote or locale JIDs) 
it's the following:

71.4 % are presence stanzas (not including subscription)
14.5 % are message stanzas
13.4 % are iq stanzas
0.6% are subscription stanzas

But still I do not think that your proposed JEP ("smart presence 
distribution") should not be our way to go. I feel as many others on 
this list: I loose privacy with your suggestion. Using multicasting for 
presence is much more comfortable for me.


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