[Standards-JIG] proto-JEP: Smart Presence Distribution

Carlo v. Loesch CvL at mail.symlynX.com
Thu May 18 08:55:32 UTC 2006

Michal vorner Vaner typeth:
| > So basically the problem of keeping the rosters in sync is not a  
| > problem with this proto-jep, but a problem that we already have today.
| Yes, it exists. However, because nothing is using it much, it does not
| much matter.

So can we put the sync issue aside, as it is a different problem
seeking a better solution rather than a work-around (JEP-0033).

| > That the advantage of XMPP: if two parties agree on something, if  
| > they negotiate an extension, you are free to change the wire protocol.
| If there is no other way. But we should have some respoct to the
| protocol, to the standard. Not because I like it this way.

The 'to' is completely redundant in this case, and there is no break other
than making the RFC no longer up to date, as fippo has shown. But yes,
if it makes you happy, we will add a placebo 'to' element to the JEP.
We're not the ones running the big servers, to whom this extra element
does make a traffic difference. So if you had access to the current
version of the proto-JEP you could see that we are acknowledging your
need to maintain the XMPP traditions.

| And admin would probably notice he has 4 times higher system load
| because the server looks into every presence.

hehe interesting guess.. just by looking at an xml tree that by lack
of framing you are parsing anyway? quite unlikely!

| > Again, not a new problem.
| Yes, a new problem. Because the privacy lists are on _my_ server, he
| would have to hack my server, not access his own.

no no, we are talking about presence which is delivered to his server
because somebody on his server is your friend. if you have no friends
on his server you are safe in both scenarios. but if you have a friend
on his server today, he can look up your friend's password and do
things you wouldn't want him to. pedro is absolutely right, that you
aren't safer today.

| No, the problems are not new, but this proto-jep lets them out of the
| closed box. They would not have a way to show thay power without the
| proto-jep, here they have. 

the proto-jep is reminding you of the problems, rather than doing
anything with them. you should have an interest in both solving the
problems and solving the scalability issues. for the latter, this
proto-jep is unbeatably best so far.

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