[Standards-JIG] UPDATED: JEP-0136 (Message Archiving)

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Mon Sep 11 18:34:23 UTC 2006

Remko Troncon wrote:
> About Section 7 (Archive management): how do we recommend searching through
> the history for words ? If I'm not mistaken, the query protocol doesn't
> support searching (and probably shouldn't, feels like opening a can of
> worms). So, do we leave this to the server-side history browsing
> tools and/or clients that replicate history locally at all times ? Maybe
> worth mentioning (unless i overlooked it in the JEP).

See the start of Section 8 (Replication). It generally reflects what you 
said above. However, the footnote points out that server-side search is 
not a good idea because the server shouldn't be able to decrypt the 

> Some typos...

Fixed in my working copy, thanks.

- Ian

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