[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Getting a User's Attention

Rachel Blackman rcb at ceruleanstudios.com
Fri Jul 6 17:04:55 UTC 2007

> How do other services implement this kind of "poke" feature? I  
> assume in
> the UI you can right-click or whatever to choose "poke stpeter" and  
> your
> client sends this special message off to me. I think it's less likely
> that you'd send a message ("hey pay attention!") with the poke, but
> naturally you could do that. If my client didn't know anything  
> about the
> poke namespace (or was configured to ignore pokes) then it would  
> simply
> ignore that part of the stanza.

We have a poke function in Astra, and basically it's just a little  
shaky-window icon in the toolbar.  Works with the AIM, MSN, Yahoo,  
etc. pokes; I'll make it work with this.  (Obviously, it's something  
which can be turned off, and which personally I /do/... but it was a  
very highly-requested feature, so.)

Since poke (or buzz) is usually just implemented on any service or  
client as your message window jittering around on the recipient's  
desktop like a toddler who's just drunk a venté espresso, people tend  
to send a message, then hit poke.

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