[Standards] Generic name attribute for XEP-0147

Daniel Aleksandersen aleksandersen at runbox.com
Mon Jul 9 18:27:03 UTC 2007


There should be a generic name attribute to all actions.

Currently you can only specify a name to the rooster action:
xmpp:romeo at montague.net?roster;name=Romeo%20Montague

However there should be possible to add it to other actions as well. 
Especially message and subscribe.

This would be useful for instance when I wanted to contact consumer support 
from some online store:
xmpp:support-chat at store.comt?message;name=Store.com%20Consumer%20support&body=Hi,

I really cannot see why the specification did not include a name attribute 
for the subscribe action either. It is so similar to roster, only with 
added status subscription...

PS: Above URIs may brake up into multiple lines, due to email formatting 
done by my email client.
Daniel Aleksandersen <aleksandersen at runbox.com>

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