[Standards] Jingle initiate and resource determination

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Jun 6 17:26:33 UTC 2007

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Ian Paterson wrote:
>> Lauri Kaila wrote:
>>> That would be enough to ensure that a call is never missed because of 
>>> the priority values.
> That's a good goal.
>> AFAICT the proposed Namespace Priority approach solves the significant 
>> issues. Have you identified real-world scenarios where calls will be 
>> missed because of the priority values?
> Having re-read your namespace priority idea, I think it has merit.
> One challenge I see is synchronization of namespace priorities across 
> resources. We already have this to some extent with standard XMPP 
> presence priorities (oh damn I left my desktop priority as 99 and now I 
> need to use remote controlling to change it there, or make my priority 
> here 100). But with presence priorities at least the numbers are 
> broadcasted to all of your other resources. AFAICT we would not have 
> that with the IQ-based namespace priorities unless there would be some 
> kind of "NP-push".

Well, if the server is smart then it could simply use RAP values to do 
the very same kind of intelligent routing that the NP proposal specifies 
(except the RAP values also get sent to all your resources since they 
come in via presence rather than IQ). So I think that combines the best 
of both worlds, if we want to leave the routing up to the server.

So, thinking out loud here, it seems that there are several scenarios if 
you want to initiate a Jingle session with me:

1. If you have my presence and your client is RAP-aware then it can 
simply use the RAP data to send to the correct resource in the first place.

2. Otherwise, you need to somehow figure out a way to bootstrap 
communication. Here I see several options:

2a. Social interaction -- you send a text message to my bare JID saying 
"hey please call me" and rely on me to initiate the session (or "hey 
let's talk" and we chat to figure out how to proceed). This can't be 
automated but it tends to work now as the fallback (even outside of IM 
-- you and I send a few emails back and forth and then upgrade to voice 
after exchanging phone numbers in email).

2b. Namespace priorities -- you send a stanza session (XEP-0155) request 
in a message to my bare JID and include the namespace priority, which my 
server uses to route the request to the appropriate resource. Then I 
reply to that and you can start a Jingle session with that resource. 
This depends on widespread deployment of RAP/NP in both servers and clients.

2c. Headline forking -- you send a stanza session request in a message 
of type "headline" to me and it gets delivered to all of my resources. I 
reply from the resource where I want to do a Jingle session of the type 
you have specified and you can initiate a Jingle session with that 
resource. This depends on widespread deployment of headline forking in 
servers but not in clients.


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