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Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Mon Sep 10 21:24:31 UTC 2007

Le lundi 10 septembre 2007, Tomasz Sterna a écrit :
> It was brought on a list but I will repeat it:
> It WILL break existing client.
> HTML-like way of thinking will not work here because message stanza is
> not HTML.
> Let me rewrite your example (skipping the attributes and adding newlines
> and whitespace for readability):
> <message>
>  <body>Hello,
>   <span>:D</span>
>        .
>  </body>
> </message>
> There is no element <span/> in the message/body schema, so unknown
> sub-element 'span' will be ignored by the client (or the whole message,
> by the more strict ones), leaving us with <body>Hello, .</body> CDATA.

Of course there is an element <span/> It's even specified in the XEP-0071

Now, there is no 'rel' attribute.  
But what does implementation with unknown attribute? They probably ignore 
The 'class' attribute can be used instead
We could define some predefined imll-* class
<body>Hello <span class="imml-emoticon">:-D</span>. </body>

Personally i don't see the interest of the parent emoticon.  What garrent the 
parent emoticon actually exist. Emoticon that doesn't exist should be 
rendered as text. The text of an emoticon should have enough meaning by 
itself.  The image is just a plus.
If the image has a meaning by itself, maybe inband image should be used 

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