[Standards] XEP-0189: ASCII?

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Apr 7 17:15:14 UTC 2008

On Mon Apr  7 18:10:01 2008, Joe Hildebrand wrote:
> On 4/7/08 10:48 AM, "Dave Cridland" <dave at cridland.net> wrote:
> > For X.509 certificates, you can - <X509Certificate/> simply  
> contains
> > a base64 encoding of the DER certificate, so no problem there -  
> any
> > additional information is being duplicated from it.
> Isn't it likely that this is the cowpath that will get paved?  If  
> so, is
> there any reason we can't make the XEP more accessible to someone  
> looking at
> implementing it by just removing everything but that?  If there  
> needs to
> some other cert type in the future, it could use a different  
> namespace.

All this junk^Wvaluably expressive XML comes from xmldsig, so it's  
not ours to mangle.

For X.509, I asked an X.509 expert here in the office, who said that  
having the attributes easily accessible for non-X.509 aware clients  
might be useful, and certainly did no harm.

I'm not clear if the DSA/PGP etc keys have the same properties, here  
- are they being stored in a format that's actually useful?

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