[Standards] jabber:iq:private update pushes [Was: Extending private-storage]

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Mon Apr 28 22:20:03 UTC 2008

Dnia 2008-04-28, pon o godzinie 12:42 +0200, Tomasz Sterna pisze:
> I was thinking more along the lines of roster and privacy-list pushes after item update.

So, I implemented it today, in jabberd 2 trunk, similarly to XEP-0016
and XEP-0191 notification/update pushes:

It works like this:

1. After every successful Private Data "set" method, the full XML stanza
of the set request is pushed to every interested, connected resource.
1.1. These pushes need to be confirmed by standard, empty iq 'result'
packet. (or appropriate error message when not supported)

2. Interested resource is every resource that requested Private Data of
the 'jabber:iq:private' <query/> child namespace, in question.

AD.1. This is a full Private Storage stanza (not an empty notify),
because the resource is known to be interested in this data, so this
saves a round-trip of pulling it from server.

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