[Standards] Jingle Conference

chun wang itec.mutecat at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 04:57:30 UTC 2008

hi, all

  we want to degsin a muliti-conference based on XMPP Jingle, in peter's
opinion, we can use Multi-User Chat protocol to control Jingle messages, in
this way, I have some questions.
  first, as XMPP is a client-server protocol, and XMPP client only talks
with XMPP server. now suggest we have successfully created a audio
conference room called BIRD, and have some members, how  we start the Jingle
session? XMPP client sends Jingle message to confrence room or to all other
confrence members?      second, guess conference members agree on codecs and
transport methods, also confrence gets client's ip and port to stream
medias. how does media stream go? need any media server?
    I am new to XMPP, wish you reply. //bow
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