[Standards] NEW: XEP-0238 (XMPP Protocol Flows for Inter-Domain Federation)

Philipp Hancke fippo at goodadvice.pages.de
Mon May 5 07:14:14 UTC 2008

XMPP Extensions Editor schrieb:
> Version 0.1 of XEP-0238 (XMPP Protocol Flows for Inter-Domain Federation) has been released.
> Abstract: This specification provides detailed protocol flows for the establishment of communication between domains that provide XMPP services, including permutations for a wide variety of possible federation policies.
> Changelog: Initial published version. (psa)
> Diff: N/A
> URL: http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0238.html

It could be a really useful document, but not in its current state.

Most of the response stream header are not conforming to the version
attribute handling as per 4.4.1 #2 of 3920 (version must be sent if
the initial stream contained it)

Example 13 (and others): sending <stream:features/> to a server which
did not request it is a bad idea. jabberd 1.4.3 will terminate the
stream in response.

1-4 flow: the unsuccessful connection will probably fail earlier.
If the receiving server does not see a version=1.0 on the initial
stream header and wants starttls, it may close the connection
immediately, because it does not see any chance to negotiate
starttls. I think 4.4.1 #3 in RFC 3920 applies.

Example 64: the assumption - first stated here - that servers will
not try starttls when offered is wrong in practice. This makes the
results in the matrix wrong. For example, 2-2 should be E and 3-3 T.

The matrix is not consistent with the flows. Both 2-5 and 5-2 are
successful in the text whereas the matrix claims U for 5-2.

In the 2-6 flow: "we assume the negotiation fails" - in practice, the
TLS negotiation will always succeed. The stream is closed afterwards.

I did not bother to read further. You owe me two red markers.

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