[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Service Delegation

Justin Karneges justin-keyword-jabber.093179 at affinix.com
Thu Feb 17 01:42:38 UTC 2011

On Monday 10 January 2011 04:08:23 Dave Cridland wrote:
> On Fri Jan  7 20:14:42 2011, XMPP Extensions Editor wrote:
> > URL: http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/service-delegation.html
> I mostly like this, and would encourage the council to accept it,
> despite my argument below that it might benefit from radical changes.

Didn't mean to ignore this mail, I've just been too busy to address it 
properly.  In general I think your suggestions are good.  Now I wonder how 
they fit in with the suggestions by the other David.


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