[Standards] [Operators] Future of XMPP Re: The Google issue

Alexander Holler holler at ahsoftware.de
Thu Dec 5 03:01:11 UTC 2013

Am 05.12.2013 03:17, schrieb Peter Saint-Andre:

> The m2m people I've talked with -- OpenADR, ISO, IEC, UPnP, oneM2M,
> etc. -- seem to care most about the fact that XMPP has been a standard
> for 10+ years, has a clear security story, is known to scale, and is
> extensible (they often have XML payloads). Something shiny and new
> wouldn't appeal to them.

I wonder why it's known to scale and what that clear security story is.

In kind of scale I would be interessted in some hard numbers (e.g.
processed stanzas/time or concurrent users).

And in regard to the clear security story I wonder what that story is.
Maybe just no one cared to really fiddle with XMPP up to now. Just
because SSL is used and certificates are on their way to become a
requirement, doesn't mean that current server implementations are really
hardened against times, when XMPP really might become intersting for the
bad guys (which it currently isn't, imho).

But thanks to count me on the side of "cool kids", haven't heard that
for a long time and it sounds appealing for someone of my age.


Alexander Holler

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