[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Multi-User Chat Light

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Dec 9 09:48:25 UTC 2015

This is quite a substantial protocol, but has, I think, two issues which
mean it is problematic to accept in my opinion:

a) It is not just presence-less MUC. It's an entirely new protocol which is
incompatible with existing XEP-0045. Even the room affiliation model is
different, allowing for example only one owner. This is problematic because
it's not reusing much (if anything) of the existing infrastructure. As such
it's going to be a substantial chunk of work for server developers to
implement, and difficult to offer a transitional approach into XEP-0045
based services.

b) It is only presence-less MUC. It's not offering anything beyond simple
fan-out of chat messages, and as a result there is no incentive for
non-mobile, or non-chat, clients to adopt it. As an example, there's no way
to send any IQ traffic through the system, due to a combination of no
visibility of either presence or full jids, meaning there's no possibility
of, for example, file transfer.

I appreciate there is a degree of not wanting to accept it because we're
expecting a MUC2 protoXEP to arrive, however I'm trying not to let that
influence my thinking here, since there's currently no XEP.

On 8 December 2015 at 17:39, XMPP Extensions Editor <editor at xmpp.org> wrote:

> The XMPP Extensions Editor has received a proposal for a new XEP.
> Title: Multi-User Chat Light
> Abstract: This specification provides a presence-less standard for
> Multi-User Chats. Its feature set is a response to mobile XMPP applications
> needs and specific environment.
> URL: http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/muc-light.html
> The XMPP Council will decide in the next two weeks whether to accept this
> proposal as an official XEP.
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