[Standards] help with managment of strophe plugins

Markus Kohlhase mail at markus-kohlhase.de
Sun Jul 5 14:55:42 UTC 2015

Hi Joachim,

> I cannot find a good mailinglist or a community discussion forum.
as far as I know the main discussion is on github [1].

> I  would like to add two new plugins
great :)

> and JCbrand (converse.js) mentioned that the current repository 
> https://github.com/joachimlindborg/strophejs-plugins/tree/xmpp-iot_xep_323_325
> where I have put them now. should be split into separate packages to 
> facilitate better build scripts etc.
I'd suggest to do a pull request and ask for ideas to organize your code.

> Is there any strophe interested people around? and where can we 
> talk?
you can contact me by mail or xmpp :)


[1]: https://github.com/strophe/strophejs-plugins

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