[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Mediated Information eXchange (MIX)

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Thu Jan 7 08:56:06 UTC 2016

Le mercredi 6 janvier 2016, 10:10:04 XMPP Extensions Editor a écrit :
> The XMPP Extensions Editor has received a proposal for a new XEP.
> Title: Mediated Information eXchange (MIX)
> [SNIP]


It's pretty good, I like it, congratulations.

I have found a couple of typos:

- 2.Requirements ==> A user can _can_
- 3. Concepts ==> ocucpant
- MUC2 is still mentionned in 3. Concepts

It's written in TODO, but I would like to know why pubsub is used instead of 
regular <message/> and <presence/> in 5.1.3 and 5.1.5

Also if you are using MAM with pubsub, please read my message " XEP-0313: why 
it is *really* not a good idea to use MAM with Pubsub" that I have posted 
yesterday. There is a big overhead by overwrapping items with is probably not 

I'm really excited by many improvements on XMPP these days, looking forward 
for the summit/Fosdem.


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