[Standards] Update to XEP-0369 (MIX) Changes for version 0.4

Steve Kille steve.kille at isode.com
Wed Sep 21 09:07:20 UTC 2016

There are a number of changes in 0.4 version of MIX

1.  Clarification of MIX Proxy concept.  There was useful discussion on the
XSF room, which I have tried to reflect in the document.

2.  Clarification of a number of node definitions.

3.  Make all nodes optional.  Discussion in the XSF room showed use cases
for each node missing

4.    Merge ACL node into configuration node.  The split was awkward, and I
think the result is cleaner and more useful.

5.  Add information node.   There was some information in configuration node
that needed separation.   This also enabled adding in avatar, which has been
requested and will be useful for channels in rosters/

6.   Resolve 4.1 question by accepting provisional answer.

7.  Add discovery examples.

8.  setting and sharing channel Subject

9.  Protocol to request channel information and participants

10.  vCard Request; and Private Messages.  Working these through (thanks
Ralph) I think is particularly helpful to understanding MIX Proxy.

I have issued a PR, and I trust that the updated XEP will be available



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