[Standards] 2017 Compliance Suites

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Sun Jan 29 13:14:41 UTC 2017

* Sam Whited <sam at samwhited.com> [2017-01-29 01:16]:
> I'm not sure; I originally submitted an update changing all the dates
> to 2017, but was asked to submit a new one. I don't recall what the
> reasoning was, but as the old one will be retracted and superseded
> properly I don't think it will be confusing.

It appears very symptomatic of the XSF to move an XEP from
"Experimental" right into "Obsolete", and I'd rather not have an
"obsolete" 2016 compliance suite that was never possible to implement
(due to MIX not being ready). Therefore I'm really interested in the
rationale for forking it, instead of just renaming.

> > 2. I wonder if we could move "User Avatars" from "core" to "advanced"
> > client feature.
> It seems like a pretty basic feature to me; why advanced?

My personal motivation is because I haven't implemented it in yaxim yet

Seriously though, avatars require a graphical display and additional
bandwidth, so they can't be implemented in certain situations (think
console clients, or the military 9k6 links mentioned here from time to
time). We shouldn't prevent these implementation from achieving "core
client" status.

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