[Standards] Persisting Message Errors (XEP-0280, XEP-0313, XEP-0160)

Ненахов Андрей andrew.nenakhov at redsolution.ru
Thu Aug 1 18:42:18 UTC 2019

Our reliable message delivery protocol that we use to replace stream
management makes half of message errors mostly unnecessary: we
consider that message is delivered to server only when we receive
confirmation with server ID and timestamp assigned to this message. If
you don't have server ID, you consider message as 'not sent'. If
session is broken, it is an 'error' and message should be resent after
reconnect. However, when message is relayed to remote server, the
problem remains.

I imagine that a proper solution to this problem might be something
like... reactions? If we do reactions with some kind of attached
message, errors might be a special kind of attachments. Thinking
further, I like it even more: reactions, as we know them in various
messengers, are essentially the same thing as delivery error in
various messengers: a badge with some icon attached to a message.

чт, 1 авг. 2019 г. в 21:26, Jonas Schäfer <jonas at wielicki.name>:
> On Donnerstag, 1. August 2019 13:08:49 CEST Georg Lukas wrote:
> > Obviously, this should only happen for direct messages and PMs, not for
> > type=groupchat ones.
> Should this have been directly below point 4? Otherwise I’m not sure how to
> interpret type=groupchat in the context of error messages.
> I’m in favour of the general idea, by the way.
> kind regards,
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