[Standards] Council Minutes 2019-12-18

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Thu Dec 26 21:05:05 UTC 2019

+1 on Proposed XMPP Extension: Character counting in message bodies

Please add a clarification that counting has to happen before encoding / after decoding XML entities. Having multiple alternative encodings for & and < with different lengths really makes this case clear, despite the gymnasts performed by some developers to somehow make it work. Also I *really* don't want a reference to begin in the middle of an escaped entity!

Also please clarify that 0245 offsets are to be counted based on the verbatim "/me " string.


Am 24. Dezember 2019 16:00:07 MEZ schrieb Tedd Sterr <teddsterr at outlook.com>:
>1) Roll Call
>Present: Jonas, Kev, Zash, Dave, Daniel
>2) Agenda Bashing
>Jonas notes one ProtoXEP, and asks for anything else - nothing is
>3) Proposed XMPP Extension: Character counting in message bodies -
>Jonas: +1
>Zash: +1
>Daniel: +1
>Dave: +1
>Georg: [on-list]
>4) Outstanding Votes
>Jonas notes Georg's vote on Charcount, and the outstanding votes on
>Reactions (which expires today.)
>Zash votes on Reactions: +0 (seems to be moving now so I don't object)
>Dave has a report on Reactions and Fastenings for AOB - Jonas suggests
>giving it now in case it influences outstanding votes.
>Kev and Dave have been working through the feedback and trying to get
>Fastenings and MAM to play nicely together, and still have some
>compatibility with full stanza encryption; believe they have something
>Kev is currently updating Fastening, and wonders whether anyone minds
>if he makes changes without bumping, given that nobody is actually
>using it yet - Jonas says it's Experimental, so go ahead.
>Jonas is looking forward to reading this proposal; doesn't think
>there's much else to discuss on this until that's available.
>Jonas checks whether anyone wants to update their votes on Reactions -
>Dave is currently vetoing. Georg votes -1, as he agrees with Dave's
>reasoning that resubmitting for a new Council is formally problematic,
>also because there is movement on Fastening. Jonas similarly changes
>his vote to -1, but will consider a resubmission if and only if
>Fastening isn't turning out to be useful. Zash says "this is fine."
>Daniel agrees with the decision to veto, but isn't going to change his
>Kev is trying to maintain momentum, and would like to be chased if that
>appears to stop.
>Reactions' author is fine with the veto in that it at least brought
>movement in the Fastening discussion - Kev reiterates his offer of
>updating Reactions once Fastening has stabilised. Dave is glad all of
>this is seeing progress.
>5) Date of Next
>Jonas doesn't expect it makes sense to have a meeting on the 25th
>(Christmas Day); the following Wednesday would be January 1st, so the
>2nd is preferred.
>2020-01-02 1600 UTC
>6) Any other Business
>Jonas notes that the Character Counting vote will expire before the
>next meeting.
>Georg mentions that MattJ and himself have been implementing XEP-0401
>(Easy User Onboarding), with some small deviations; thanks Zash for
>creating the foundation for it.
>7) Close
>Everyone thanks everyone.
>Jonas specifically thanks Kev and Dave for putting in effort on
>Fastening, and Larma for their patience, and Georg and MattJ for their
>work on XEP-0401.
>Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr!
>Jonas has live-updated the Spreadsheet of Doom:
>Georg nudges Zash to finalise his vote on Reactions - Zash changes his
>vote to -1 (agree with Jonas; glad it's moving forward).

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