[Standards] Feedback: XEP-0353: Jingle Message Initiation

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Wed Apr 8 10:15:52 UTC 2020


we Last Called JMI a couple of months ago and I suggested we hold out
on it until we have more experience and promised to provide feedback
once I have. So here is some of my feedback for XEP-0353.

Ensure Jingle Messages get Carbon Copied. Part of the appeal is that
the 'propose' arrives on all clients. Thus the 'propose' message (but
really all messages; see bellow) should be carbon copied. Currently
the 'trick' is to set the type="chat"; but I think a better strategy
is to explicitly mention JMIs as 'contains payload elements typically
used in IM ' in 280.

Remove 'accept': If I’m identifying jingle sessions with a tuple of
'initiator' and 'session-id' I can’t extract the initiator from an
'accept' message. We want Jingle Messages to be carbon copied anyway
therefore the 'proceed' will reach our other devices as well. (On
devices that didn’t pick up the call)
Using different syntax for accept/proceed but not for reject can be confusing.

Add a disco feature:
Assuming that I have presence subscription with the person I want to
call and I can see that they support Jingle I still might want to use
JMI to have all of their devices ring. However if they don’t support
JMI I may want to play it safe and session-init one of their devices
directly instead. Currently I can’t discover if i have to play it safe
or not. A feature for JMI would solve that.


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