[Standards] XMPP Council Agenda for 2020-03-18

Jonas Schäfer jonas at wielicki.name
Tue Mar 17 16:25:07 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

The next XMPP Council Meeting will take place on 2020-03-18 at 16:00Z in 
xmpp:council at muc.xmpp.org?join. Everyone is welcome to join and give comments.

This agenda is composed from:

- Editor notifications to standards@
- xsf/xeps GitHub PRs marked as Needs Council
- Suggestions directly sent to me (see below)

Agenda as follows:

1) Roll Call

2) Agenda Bashing

* Feel free to pre-bash on-list or directly to me if you think something is 

3) Editor’s Update

- ProtoXEP: Reminders
- Expired calls: CFE on XEP-0184
- Calls in progress: None.

4) Items for voting

4a) Decide on advancement of XEP-0184
Title: Message Delivery Receipts
URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0184.html
This specification defines an XMPP protocol extension for message delivery 
receipts, whereby the sender of a message can request notification that the 
message has been delivered to a client controlled by the intended recipient.

(The CFE ends today, so be sure to send in your feedback if you haven’t 

4b) Start Last Call for XEP-0280: Message Carbons
Title: Message Carbons
URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0280.html
In order to keep all IM clients for a user engaged in a conversation, outbound 
messages are carbon-copied to all interested resources.

(this was suggested on-list)

4c) Start Last Call for XEP-0357: Push Notifications
Title: Push Notifications
URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0357.html
This specification defines a way for an XMPP servers to deliver information 
for use in push notifications to mobile and other devices.

(this was suggested on-list)

5) Outstanding Votes

- There are a few, check the Spreadsheet of Doom and vote on-list as needed.

6) Date of Next

7) AOB

8) Close

End of Agenda.

Note that I am aiming for 30 minutes, but meetings may be extended as 
necessary if all council members agree.

Meetings are normally held every Wednesday at 1600 UTC in the 
xmpp:council at muc.xmpp.org?join chatroom.
Meetings are open, and anyone (XSF Member or not) may attend, though only XMPP 
Council members may vote. Relevant comments from the floor are welcomed.

Using your web browser, you can join anonymously via

Note that conversations in the room are logged publicly at

If you have suggestions for an agenda item, you can message me via XMPP or 
email at this address or at jonas at zombofant.net.

I aim to publish the Agenda on the day before the Council meeting before 

Thanks everyone,
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