[Standards] LAST CALL: XEP-0393 (Message Styling)

Tedd Sterr teddsterr at outlook.com
Mon May 25 13:01:55 UTC 2020

> But there is no way to know if the text is formatted or not, there is no
> marker, discovery, or anything to indicate that styling syntax is used.

The assumption is that styling is always present and enabled, and so it's always applied to all text - if there happens to be no styling directives then there's no real harm done. Of course, that doesn't fit when there are directives which weren't intended as directives; ```preformated text``` arguably covers that, at least for pasting code, but it has to be inserted.explicitly, and SHOULD be monospace formatted.

A Disco feature would be nice for discovery, and would also allow clients to indicate they don't want to receive formatting - even though they have the option of simply not applying it, they will still receive the text complete with line-noise, so it would be useful to indicate to the sender that it won't be rendered by the recipient.

Not that support necessarily implies it is being used, and not for all messages. A simple '<body styling="inline">' might be useful? (with values of 'none' for boring plain text, 'inline' for 0393, and open possibilities for other types of styling; in preference to true/false which would only work for this XEP.)

Many implementations will obviously ignore all of this and send anyway, but there's little we can do about that either way; at least we can encourage its use moving forward.

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