[Standards] MAM Sync Strategies

Andrew Nenakhov andrew.nenakhov at redsolution.com
Fri Aug 27 09:45:55 UTC 2021

пт, 27 авг. 2021 г. в 12:59, JC Brand <lists at opkode.com>:

> Webclients have restrictions that others don't, so while what you wrote
> makes sense, I do something a bit different with Converse.

Web clients do not need to store messages locally at all, they can just
load everything when a user goes to a dialog that he didn't load before.
The only exception to this we've found is OMEMO messages. For them and
their keys we use lndexedDB.

Of course, we have sopport of our quick sync protocol that loads every
first message from all chats, clients that do not have it would have to do
requests to fetch at least 1 message for each contact in a roster. We had
this functionality, worked, as expected, far from ideal, so we eventually
scrapped it.

Andrew Nenakhov
CEO, redsolution, OÜ
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