[Standards] MAM Sync Strategies

Thilo Molitor thilo at eightysoft.de
Fri Aug 27 15:11:43 UTC 2021

Am Freitag, 27. August 2021, 13:12:44 CEST schrieb Sam Whited:
> Thanks JC!
> You're right, I should have mentioned gaps. It's still possible to
> have them in a desktop client because it could always close before it
> finishes paging through catching up on history. I had planned to solve
> that by either switching to committing the entire query in one
> transaction, or changing from using the last message for the sync
> query to using a separate "last message pointer" that gets updated
> only after the entire transaction is over.

In Monal we have this "last message pointer", too, but update it every time a 
new raw stanza comes in (e.g. also for "live" messages AND mam-catchup 
If the app gets killed in between processing a mam page, we just start our mam 
catchup from this point going forward (or continue the old mam query as if 
nothing happened, if the XEP-0198 session was still resumable).

Each incoming stanza lives in its own db transaction (including the update to 
the XEP-0198 counters), making it possible to resume processing of a half 
processed stanza when resuming the XEP-0198 session.
--> you can kill and restart the app as often as you like without ever loosing 
messages (as long as I did not make any implementation errors, of course).

- tmolitor

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