[Standards] Small animated video about the "Fediverse" (XMPP inside)

Sonny Piers sonny at fastmail.net
Thu Apr 28 23:44:35 UTC 2022

Thanks Jehan!

The video is very comprehensive and entertaining - well done.
I hope we meet again soon.

On jeu., avril 28 2022 at 22:55:12 +0200, Jehan Pagรจs 
<jehan.marmottard at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello XMPP lovers and makers!
> Long time no see, since some people might or not remember me from 
> about 10 years ago (or more), when I was still a XSF member and even 
> contributed a bit to the second RFC round (nostalgy!๐Ÿ’ญ)
> Back then I left the world of XMPP RFC and XEP standardization and 
> development around XMPP to go to new horizons, I was even a bit 
> disappointed, but it doesn't mean I abandoned my high consideration 
> for the protocol, the people making it and the XSF. To this day, I 
> still believe it to be one of the best generic communication 
> protocols.
> This is why when we discussed with the Framasoft non-profit to make a 
> video (since my new horizons are things like making Libre Art, 
> animation films, then eventually becoming GIMP main developer and 
> maintainer) about the concept of Fediverse, which Wikipedia basically 
> defines as being federated networks using standard communication 
> protocols, even though this term was likely born around 
> ActivityPub-supporting software, I thought XMPP fits the bill too 
> (actually in the French version of the Wikipedia article on 
> Fediverse, XMPP is even explicitly mentioned).
> This is why you might notice that in our cute little video explaining 
> the Fediverse, among messages, Mastodon "toots" and Peertube video 
> icons, small X-s are flying too: 
> <https://framatube.org/w/9dRFC6Ya11NCVeYKn8ZhiD>
> Basically the big picture of this short explicative video is to talk 
> about and promote the concept of federated networks and standards, 
> why these are important, and why it matters rather than using 
> proprietary networks' walled gardens. If "Fediverse" is the new fancy 
> name to describe such concept to the wider audience โ€” even though 
> this concept has existed for a long time! โ€” then so be it! The 
> point is not to be highly technical. We are talking to everyone.
> So why I'm sharing this link here is that the video is Libre Art 
> (Creative Commons by-sa 4.0), because that's what we do. Even the 
> sources will be available shortly. It's drawn in GIMP, obviously, and 
> animated with Synfig, all this on Linux. So even the production is 
> using Free Software, the art is free too, and it talks about 
> communication standards for everyone (freedom all the way!). 
> Therefore feel free to use it for whatever purpose like (random 
> thought ๐Ÿ˜‰) promoting XMPP too.
> Have fun everyone, and long live XMPP and communication standards! 
> ๐Ÿ˜ธ
> Jehan
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