[Foundation] Profiles (Identity) JIG & First Proposal

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Fri Aug 3 14:45:34 CDT 2001

hello, all. the first attempt to set up an Identity JIG failed two weeks
ago, but the second attempt passed by trimming it down, and focusing
only on the advanced personal information storage and management aspect,
called Profiles. so the Profiles JIG will soon be up.

i am wanting to get everyone's input on the first step we are going to
take in it, which is to specify the 'Interface' as we've called it. for
info on what this Interface is, see

so, we have come up with a preliminary Interface already, and would like
to see what everyone thinks of it before we go any further. after all,
it would kind of suck to do all this work revolving around an interface
that end ups not being liked by the Council...

the Interface proposal is at:

please, everyone comment on it. even if it's just a 'yes post'. that
helps me judge how good the plan is, and if the council will like it.

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