[Foundation] Jabber Klatch: Discuss .org server role

Max Metral Max.Metral at peoplepcHQ.com
Thu Aug 9 09:26:20 CDT 2001

Your example works for internal use maybe, but what about an ISP with a
couple hundred thousand users, or EBay or any of those sorts?  Right now
.org is not an option for that.

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Well, large organizations tend to be just that, organizations... generally
there have already been divisions made up between departments and offices,
etc. In this respect, the jabber system scales pretty well (even though one
particular server may not) since you can have user at dept.company.com or
something along those lines. It would of course be good to improve the
server whenever possible, but a huge number of users do not need to be
supported as an inital design goal; rather, a more appropriate design goal
would be to minimize the effort required to improve upward scalability
should it be required. What kinds of things would stop the jabber server
from scaling to large user counts? If these things are identified, why can
they not be fixed? Are there large compromises between management effort and


On Wed, Aug 08, 2001 at 12:08:28PM -0700, Max Metral wrote:
> From the foundation meeting, we agreed some questions should be taken to
> this list.  Here's my recollection of them:
> 1) What is the long term role of the open source server in scale and
> purpose?
> i.e. should a company that has 10,000 simultaneous users be considering
> using an open source server or is that just not a goal or an option.
> Remember this is a long term question, although it certainly will need to
> take timelines into account for a realistic answer.
> 2) Is there anything the Foundation/Members/Council should be doing to
> improve the speed of server development or at the very least is there
> anything we are doing to hinder it's development that we can stop doing.
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