[Foundation] Jabber Klatch: Discuss .org server role

johnston at megaepic.com johnston at megaepic.com
Thu Aug 9 10:06:09 CDT 2001

Well, large ISPs usually break things down into cities and stuff, no? I mean, @home sure does. Could we design a gateway server that keeps records of what user is on what server and forwards appropriatly?


On Thu, Aug 09, 2001 at 07:26:20AM -0700, Max Metral wrote:
> Your example works for internal use maybe, but what about an ISP with a
> couple hundred thousand users, or EBay or any of those sorts?  Right now
> .org is not an option for that.
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> Well, large organizations tend to be just that, organizations... generally
> there have already been divisions made up between departments and offices,
> etc. In this respect, the jabber system scales pretty well (even though one
> particular server may not) since you can have user at dept.company.com or
> something along those lines. It would of course be good to improve the
> server whenever possible, but a huge number of users do not need to be
> supported as an inital design goal; rather, a more appropriate design goal
> would be to minimize the effort required to improve upward scalability
> should it be required. What kinds of things would stop the jabber server
> from scaling to large user counts? If these things are identified, why can
> they not be fixed? Are there large compromises between management effort and
> scalability?
> Mat.

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