[Foundation] Jabber Klatch: Discuss .org server role

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Fri Aug 10 11:35:54 CDT 2001

Quoting Max Metral <Max.Metral at peoplepcHQ.com>:

  Yes, many do.  But you don't SEE it.  MSN is an example.  When you connect to 
the login server, it validates you, and updates your 'profile' to say what 
machine your going to be using.  It then tells you to go ahead and connect to 
that server.  8-P  Even does it for chats.  Says there is a chat coming in, and 
to connect to machine x.x.x.x to talk to the person..  8-P

  If we had a way to alias users, aka, tcharron at jabber.org, but allow me to 
connect to tcharron at server1.jabber.org.  I know someone went down that path, 
but I'm unsure of who, and how far they ever got.  Perhaps thats what evolved 
into the mod_farm modules?

> No, not all do.  AOL, MSN for example (not that they matter in this
> case).
> PeoplePC, large but not at that scale, doesn't either.  Nobody wants to
> have
> max at colorado.peoplepc.com...
> Well, large ISPs usually break things down into cities and stuff, no?
> I
> mean, @home sure does. Could we design a gateway server that keeps
> records
> of what user is on what server and forwards appropriatly?

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