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Michael Bauer bauer at jabber.com
Wed Aug 15 17:11:28 CDT 2001

Forgive the naivete, but how do we get these streams delivered to Jabber
clients?  I've never used the feature before...

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> Folks on jdev and members lists,
> I'm going to create a RSS stream called Jabber Weekly News, eventually
> from JIG RSS streams. Presently, only standards JIG has one, so I am going
> to be bugging you for project and other news you want to report to the
> outside, non-jabber world, to attract more developers, to communicates
whats up
> with jabber, and increase the interop points. It would be along the lines
> the other perl/python/kde/gnome, etc weekly new's you can read for example
> in lwn.net, or /. , myuserland, etc.
> So please email me your project progress, news item, etc, with an optional
> URL for mainpage or changelog as you see fit. I will also be surveying
> major jabber sites such as dev. and foundation. as well as jabber central.
> If you already have a RSS url, point me to it. If there is a page you
> want me to monitor, such as the page for a client(i will try to get to all
> byt may miss some), give me the URl of that page, and I will monitor it,
> every thursday 10am Eastern.
> Finally if you are the creator of a JIG, consider creating a RSS file with
> news of your JIG, like qmacro's done for the Standards JIG. Point me and
> the URL and it will be picked up.
> Thanks in advance,
> Rahul(tig)
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