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May I add that quite a few of the presentations are at:

I particularly enjoyed DJ+Pier's Transfusing message plasma presentation..
I got this from you:
> JabberCon Report
> The following was posted by stpeter at jabber.org via the Jabber DevZone web site (http://dev.jabber.org/):
> Wow! JabberCon was a smashing success! From the opening keynote by Tim
> O'Reilly on Monday morning until the closing discussions on Tuesday,
> JabberCon provided non-stop, in-depth exploration of Jabber
> technology. With over 60 organizations represented and almost 150
> participants involved, the gathering gave those in attendance a
> perfect opportunity to find out what others are doing with Jabber and
> learn about the cutting edge of Jabber development.
> While I'm sure that each participant had their own highlights, I think
> most Jabberites would agree that things reached their peak during a
> working session led by independent software developer Dave Winer of
> Userland Software. Dave is best known as the creator of XML-RPC and as
> a leader of the weblog "movement". The night before the working
> session, he and Craig Burton had challenged some of the core Jabber
> developers to create a bridge between Jabber and Blogger via XML-RPC.
> Right away, dizzyd and temas set to work, coding late into the night
> on just such a bridge. By the time the working session rolled around
> they weren't quite done, but they continued their work while the rest
> of the participants hashed out some of the architectural and protocol
> issues involved with sending XML-RPC over Jabber. As we neared
> completion of a simple protocol for the new namespace "jabber:iq:rpc"
> (soon to be reported in more detail by DJ Adams on the mailing list
> for the XML-RPC JIG), temas sent the first test message from his
> Jabber client to Blogger, and flashed the result up on the projector.
> It was a powerful demonstration of the importance of working together
> with other development communities, not to mention the dedication of
> Jabber developers to making interoperability a reality.
> The crucial value of interoperability was stressed also by Tim
> O'Reilly in his keynote, who pointed out that interoperability was one
> of the key motivations behind the creation of Jabber. But
> interoperability goes way beyond Jabber's transports to other IM
> systems: it includes things like bridges to XML-RPC, SOAP, SMTP, SMS,
> wireless networks, a wide variety of data storage mechanisms, and the
> universe of applications and services both within organizations and
> out there on the net. This is part of Jabber's core strength. In his
> "State of the Bulb" address, Jeremie too noted how important it is
> that Jabber is (and will remain) "protocol-agnostic" with respect to
> other systems.
> Part of what makes interoperability a reality in Jabber is the
> existence of a modular architecture in which developers can create
> their own server modules. That task has just been made much easier by
> the release of the Jabber External Component Libraries (JECL). These
> libraries, developed at Jabber, Inc. mainly by Dave "DizzyD" Smith,
> provide a strong foundation for external component development in C++
> by giving programmers consistent methods for handling socket
> connections to Jabber servers, managing threads pools, and
> manipulating XML data structures. You can find these libraries at
> jabber.tigris.com, the new home for code that is open-sourced by
> Jabber, Inc. A win32 port of these libraries will likely emerge at
> that site, as will language bindings or re-writes for other languages
> such as Python and Java.
> JabberCon also witnessed a fruitful exchange of ideas between the
> Jabber community and representatives of the Apache community. Most
> significantly, Jeremie demonstrated a working prototype of mod_jabber,
> a module that can be plugged into Apache2 for basic Jabber
> functionality within Apache (check CVS for the code). In addition, a
> number of Jabber developers committed to exploring ways that Jabber
> can be integrated into Apache's Jakarta project.
> Michael Bauer's report on the Jabber Foundation included several
> announcements. First, the Board of Directors has been finalized, and
> the Foundation's bylaws have been ratified by the Board, paving the
> way for formal incorporation of the Foundation. In addition, Michael
> pointed out that the Jabber Grant Program has begun; the first two
> projects are integration of Jabber functionality into SourceCast and
> the addition of whiteboarding to Jabberzilla (more grant proposals are
> welcome, so keep those cards and letters coming!). Finally, thanks to
> a grant of support to the Foundation by IBM, jabber.org will soon be
> receiving several new servers, including a dedicated development
> machine. As always, detailed information about the Foundation is
> located at foundation.jabber.org.
> Unfortunately a short news story can't capture the depth and breadth
> of the exciting developments at JabberCon. The presence and active
> participation of industry leaders such as Tim O'Reilly, Dave Winer,
> Craig Burton, Doc Searls, Dirk-Willem van Gulik, and others certainly
> added to the productive atmostphere, as did working sessions by the
> Security and Standards JIGs. Demonstrations of non-IM applications of
> Jabber by DJ Adams and Piers Harding (Jabber, XML-RPC, and SAP),
> Michael Appelbaum of VitalConnect (workflow processing), and Tony
> Viola of Oracom (network management) got participants thinking about
> how they could apply Jabber in new and different ways. Julie Stewart
> of Swisscom, Max Seguineau of Antepo, and the folks at Aether Systems
> showed some fascinating extensions of Jabber into the wireless world.
> And all this doesn't include the countless spontaneous discussions
> that sprang up between sessions or over a beer in the evening. The
> confluence of factors of such as these is what caused many
> participants to report that this was the most beneficial industry
> convention they had attended in years.
> So thanks to the folks at Jabber, Inc. for putting JabberCon together,
> and here's to JabberCon 2002!
> --stpeter
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