[Foundation] Jabber Weekly News, Issue 1

Rahul Dave rahul at reno.cis.upenn.edu
Wed Aug 29 12:35:03 CDT 2001

Here's Jabber Weekly News Issue 1. Please complain, correct, update. I will
send it out to news sources and create a RSS channel for it after the
meeting today, presuming we are having one, are we?

Jabber Weekly News for 29th August, 2001

This is the first of a weekly newsletter designed to let the world know the 
interesting stuff thats happening in the Jabber Community. This newsletter
will soon be available as a RSS channel, please stay tuned. We will also point to
RSS channels of individual projects and JIG's(Jabber interest groups).
Corrections, more information, etc can be sent to me at rahul at mozdev.org.
If there is interest I can add a section on news about clients, and another
one for the efforts of commercial companies. So please send me feedback!

Latest Jabber News

The Jabber Software Foundation has been formally incorporated. See
http://foundation.jabber.org for details.

JabberCon was a big success, with many nice presentations 
(http://www.jabbercon.com/schedule.html), and an on the fly
collaboration between the jabber team and independent developer Dave Winer on 
connecting blogs to jabber using the Blogger API. There is a writeup on the 
convention at http://www.jabber.org/?oid=2001.

DJ Adams announced the Jabber HTTP Gateway 
(http://www.pipetree.com/jabber/jrpc/httpgate/httpgate.html) which builds on
the Jabber-RPC Spec. This spec can be found in the Jabber RPC folder of the new
jabnews site: http://jabnews.manilasites.com/directory/20.

On the blog front again, Jogger, a jabber powered blog was announced. 
You can find out more at http://jogger.jabber.org.

The Muse project has a communications API which interfaces to different communications
systems. It has modules for Napster, Gnutella, and Jabber. You can find out more at:

Jabber RSS
The GNOME Jabber client, Gabber, has an RSS Feed at 

The Standards JIG has an RSS feed at 

By prepending http://www.pipetree.com/rss? to the above URL's you can get a 
html'ization of the feed:

Jabber Links

The home of the Jabber project is at http://www.jabber.org.

The Jabber Software Foundation, which co-ordinates activities pertaining
to the community code-base is at http://foundation.jabber.org.

A large listing of jabber clients can be found at http://www.jabbercentral.com.

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