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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Jun 5 10:49:54 CDT 2001

Just ignore me, maybe I need to finished reading Rahul's stuff first....

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> Well I emailed webmaster at python.org and I heard back from Guido himself! 
> Python doesn't do things in XML, but their PEP format is described here:
> http://python.sourceforge.net/peps/pep-0001.html
> I'm in favor of shameless stealing where appropriate, and I'm reading 
> over the PEP process with an eye to that right now. :)
> Peter
> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> Sounds like a fine idea, once we figure out what goes into a JEEP. :) 
>> (And no, I don't accept that whole JEP thing, I think JEEP is much 
>> more catchy :P) If you look at the Python PEPs (now there's a good 
>> acronym), they are often quite simple, more like a short proposal or 
>> many of our draft protocol docs, not nearly as big as an RFC. For all 
>> I know the Python dudes are already using a DTD, it might be cool to 
>> check (I'll contact them about it). We could probably even use a 
>> subset of the DocBook DTD for this (author, abstract, etc.).
>> Peter
>> eliot landrum wrote:
>>> Would there be any interest in creating a simple XML DTD for JEP 
>>> documents? Jer and I found an excellent one for RFCs when we were 
>>> putting together the IETF draft. Trust me, it saved us a lot of 
>>> headache. For submission we just ran a script to convert the XML to a 
>>> text file or HTML. The text file follows the RFC standards and looks 
>>> great without us bothering with all the little formatting nuances. It 
>>> even handles footnotes and such for us. Perhaps we (or I) could put 
>>> together a simple one for JEP authors to use? A script could then 
>>> output it to the format you've described.
>>> Rahul Dave wrote:
>>>> Following the Consensus along Peter's document for Jep's and Jig's, 
>>>> and the
>>>> jeep-jep name change, here's the latest:
>>>> http://nareau.dyndns.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/jep/
>>>> Could we add this to the agenda for Wed meeting?
>>>> See jep-0001.txt especially ..it reflects the new voting structure, 
>>>> slightly
>>>> expanded from Peters version to allow for acceptance of both the JEP 
>>>> itself
>>>> as well as the ref implementation by the council.
>>>> See jep-0003.txt. Its Jeremie's Proxy accept socket service written 
>>>> as a JEP
>>>> to illustrate what a JEP looks like.
>>>> Rahul(tig)
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