[Foundation] Agenda 06 June 01

Michael Bauer bauer at jabber.com
Wed Jun 6 12:00:09 CDT 2001

06 June 01
18:00 UTC
foundation at conferences.jabber.org


1.  Final Members List Publication

The final members list is available at
http://foundation.jabber.org/members.html.  There are a total of 94 members.
Roughly speaking, less than 10% of the membership (9 members) are
compensated directly by Jabber.com.  6 people work directly for Jabber.com
while the other 3 (Jeremie Miller, Thomas Muldowney, and Keith Minkler) are
sponsored by Jabber.com to work directly for Jabber.org.  

2.  Board Update

The board is still being formed.  Commitments are being made but formal
announcements are slow in coming.  In order to increase the candidate pool,
I'd like to put out another call for recommendations for board members.
Please look for people both inside and outside the community.  We already
have one person who has submitted their name for consideration.  Note that
the term of the initial board is still being discussed.  


There is a list of the current JIGS and a proposed JEP/JEEP process on
http://foundation.jabber.org.  Please review and submit comments or concerns
to bauer at jabber.com so we can address them in a structured fashion.

4.  Call for Assistance

If you're interested in any aspect of helping out the Foundation (in terms
of documentation or web site development) please let bauer at jabber.com know.
One company has offered to host these foundation conferences due to high

5.  Schedule

  13 Next Conference 18:00 UTC.  
  15 June Board Structure and Term Finalized
  29 June Board Finalized
  22 August First Formal Meeting

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