[Foundation] Jabber Council Call for Candidates

Michael Bauer bauer at jabber.com
Thu Jun 7 11:49:03 CDT 2001

The Jabber Foundation shall function in one capacity essentially as a
"standards organization".  Basically, the Board of Directors shall establish
a set of standards guidelines, similar to those established for ANSI
(http://www.ansi.org/public/library/std_proc/anspro/anspro.html) for
organizations wishing to become and ANSI standards body.  It's envisioned
that these guidelines will not be as extensive as ANSI's but will share many

This standards framework will be used by the Jabber Council, a committee
within the Jabber Foundation, to establish the technical direction for
Jabber technologies, protocols, and standards.  Membership on the Jabber
Council will be one of rewarding commitment.

This is a call for candidates for membership on the Jabber Council.
Candidates will be voted in by the entire membership of the Jabber
Foundation.  If you're interested in being a member of the Jabber Council,
please send email to bauer at jabber.com so you're name may be placed on a
ballot.  We anticipate voting next week, hopefully before our next regularly
scheduled text conference at 18:00 UTC Wednesday, 13 June.

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