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Thu Jun 7 14:07:43 CDT 2001

Thanks, Ted.  If you feel like, er, formalizing this a bit, feel free.  


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Ted Rolle:

Been professionally employed in data processing since 1972.
I'm an oldie-moldy COBOL-er from waaay back; done S/390 assembler, too.

Now that the laughter has died down...

I've been at IBM <more laughter>, written OS/2 device drivers <laughter, but
less>, and have picked up on newer technologies (except for C++ and Perl).

Basically, I'm a coder with a lot of experience.  I know good code when I
see it, and I don't see it often.

What -- then, pray tell -- can I offer the Jabber Council?

I see the possibilities of Jabber -- much further than the implementation of
the Instant Messaging clients.  I believe it's a great protocol which has
possibilities in new arenas -- many of which we haven't conceived of yet.

I don't like meetings.
I don't like BS.  (I have a BA, Chemistry)
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