[Foundation] June 13 Foundation Text Conference Agenda

Tomas Mrkvicka tmrkvicka at softnov.cz
Tue Jun 12 18:36:23 CDT 2001

> Client Extensibility Interfaces (how to just write client 
> extensions to work
> with any client rather than writing your own client.)

100% agree. This is what I consider very important for future
development and expansion. It should have its own JIG. How to call
Jabber clients form eg. browser (href="jebto:name at bla.com"), how to call
jabber clients functions form other programs (eg. send picture from
viewer via jabber etc...). We would like to implement such an interface
in our new client but standart would be better, of course.

p.s. is it possible change my JID in foundation database somehow? our
jabber.cz server is up and running so I use jabber.org address no more.

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